Responsible Investing

Superannuation funds are increasingly considering the environmental or social impact of companies. At Parametric, we specialise in implementing the superannuation fund's vision rather than imposing our own views. Explore how we build custom Tax-Managed, Emerging Markets and Defensive Equity solutions that balance responsible investing and return objectives.

Strategy Goals

Responsible investing at Parametric looks beyond stock returns and aims to align clients’ principles with their investment portfolio. As one can imagine, there are as many ways to define environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria as there are superannuation funds. As a result, Parametric takes a consultative approach to help advisors and their clients design and customise portfolios, incorporating the diverse and evolving set of environmental, social and governance criteria.

Portfolio Construction/Tilt

Emphasise an ESG metric, subject to constraints designed to reduce tracking error. For many accounts, investing in an index or strategy with an existing tilt may be most expedient. In some cases, an account specific, custom tilt on an index or strategy of the client’s choosing may be appropriate.

ESG Metric

Single or comprehensive metrics, such as carbon emissions or ESG score, can be targeted


All constituents of the selected index or strategy eligible for investment in the tilted portfolio, but reweighted


Security, sector and industry weights, and fundamental factor exposure, relative to original index or strategy, typically considered


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